House Remodel

Project name: Vlad residential
Location: Bothell
Project Type: 2100 sq ft whole house remodeling
Design: Slava Kachaieva
Today many homeowners are looking to update their home’s aesthetic, to transition from a dated style to one that feels exciting and modern, reflecting the preferences and aesthetics of the homeowner. This was the case for our Bothell, Washington client whose home was in need of a modern facelift.
To begin this whole home remodel, we focused on updating the kitchen, which had been a basic builder’s grade kitchen that didn’t express the personality of the homeowner. Our design focused on simplifying the space to add an air of elegance. Eliminating the busy backsplash and countertop, we installed a cohesive waterfall quartz countertop which we applied to the backsplash as well. This minimalist approach instantly elevates a space and our client chose to take our advice to accent it with gray flat panel cabinets in a concrete-style finish. This touch of the industrial is the perfect counterbalance, an essential element to all great home design.
Our Service
From the kitchen, it was on to the stairs and this is where our craftsmanship and millwork skills were put to good use. With so many details that need to be gotten right, stairs can present a particular challenge but our team was ready to create a flawless look.
milgard windows
stained oak hand rails
mosaic tile installation
hardware for kitchens rev a shelf
entrance handrails
storage hardware
modern vanity master bathroom
flat tub faucet
We applied that same attention to detail in the two bathrooms we remodeled, both which required intricate tilework and a full remodel. For both bathrooms, we listened to the client’s needs and designed spaces which incorporated bright, crisp colors with muted, natural colored tiles. The result is fresh and decorative, with a modern yet welcoming feel.