Remodeling services for aesthetic enjoyment.
We use our years of experience to take the desires and dreams of our customers and accurately transform them into reality.
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Our team’s first projects were kitchen remodels. We continued to develop expertise with bathroom transformations and now have the capability to remodel full homes.
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House Remodeling

1. Demolition
We will bring your most daring home renovation projects to life. We believe in the bringing high quality design and services, being responsive to our customers, and delivering results at a competitive price.
2. Project Layout
We've negotiated preferred pricing with the industry's leading manufacturers and partnered with the GTA's most experienced installers.
3. Project management and construction
We can facilitate all aspects of your home transformation from start to finish, with a list of specialist collaborators who are capable of implementing even the most specific and uncommon requirements. Your dream home awaits!

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the soul of the home. We not only eat here, we also communicate, share the experiences of the day, and spend time with our family and friends.
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1. Design
We will collaborate with you to personalize the design of your new space. From countertop, to flooring, we will help you choose the best options for your unique requirements. Whether you opt for high quality wood or invest in natural stone counters such as granite or quartz, this element of your kitchen renovation will have a major impact. The right countertop will complete the room, while a lower quality material or improper installation can wreck the look and feel of your home. We will help you choose cabinetry that brings out the unique beauty of your space, and matching with the flooring and countertops to create a harmonious whole.
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2. Preparing for Installation
Once the old has been removed, it’s time to prepare for the new to be added! We will carefully inspect for anything revealed during removal that might cause issues later on, so that you can feel secure in your new and improved space.
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3. Project Implementation
Your new kitchen has been designed, all applicable building permits have been applied for, and the materials are delivered. The first stage of the actual renovation involves tearing out the old kitchen and disposing of all materials that cannot be reused. Our attention to detail and superior craftsmanship are sure to impress, as you enjoy your updated kitchen oasis for years to come!

Bathroom Remodeling

We are certain that the bathroom should be a place to relax, shut the world out and forget about the stress of the long day.
So let’s give this room the attention it deserves!
1. Project Development
We collaborate on your new bathroom design, carefully considering all of your wishes for the project. We suggest options tailored to your needs at a variety of price points, and agree on the final design.
2. Preparation for Installation
We remove all the old fixtures, surfaces, and cabinetry, and carefully prepare the foundation for your bathroom’s fresh new look.
3. Project Implementation
Our attention to detail and superior craftsmanship are sure to impress, as you enjoy your updated bathroom oasis for years to come!


We are prepared to bring your dream project to life. It is certain that the interior in which we live undoubtedly influences our of self, mood, and the impression we make on visitors.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Approval of deadlines
We take an individual approach to your renovation. We prepare a design for you. Our conditions remain the same: after the approval of the project and the signing of the contract, the price and terms remain fixed. Adding to the scope of the project after the initial agreement will require a re-negotiation of costs and deadlines.