Top 7 Design Trends You Don't Want to Miss Out On During Your Remodel

Trends come and go, and if you’re updating your home in 2023: these are the trends you should keep in mind
Remodeling your property is the best time to bring it forward into modern design tastes. Not only does it give you the opportunity to change up how you can enjoy this space: but it also ensures that if you’re putting your property on the market, you can expect far more interest from buyers.

Trends come and go, and if you’re updating your home in 2023: these are the trends you should keep in mind.

1. Luxury is in Playful Color Use

Color is a big part of home design in 2022! The largest color surprising the market is a mix between teal and kelly green. This earthy hue has been gracing cabinetry and home decor across the country, and many are excited to try it out in their own properties. This is an ageless color that's easy on the eyes and can be used however you want.

The only thing to keep in mind is to avoid using it in tight spaces like water closets or the interior of smaller bedrooms or offices. This is a darker color that can quickly overwhelm a space like that.
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2. Updating Your Garage to a Dream

How finished is your garage? The average American garage doesn't even have finished walls, so it's a good idea to take the time and make this space more than just an area to park your car. Add some pizazz by applying epoxy garage floor paint, and take the time to put in vertical shelving to make the most out of the space.

If your garage door is older, take the time to replace it: this is the home renovation that offers the highest return on investment above any other.

3. Wallpaper is Sticking Around

Although many thought that wallpaper would be on its way out in 2023: it’s making a huge return in 2023. Wallpaper gives you the opportunity to add fun color, shape, and design to almost any area of your home. Look for wallpaper that’s easy to remove and has good reviews on its longevity. Although this mix may sound contradictory: you want your wallpaper to look fantastic until the exact moment you don’t want it anymore.

4. Making Your Home’s Exterior a Destination

The exterior of your property is all that 99% of people will see of it. Because of this, it’s vital that you take the time to create a home exterior that’s as beautiful as it is comforting and welcoming. Using landscaping pavers, build a gathering space where everyone can get together and talk and have fun, or even an outdoor kitchen that’s awesome for socializing. Make your home’s exterior a space you’re excited to spend time in.

5. Warm and Welcoming Kitchens

Although all-white kitchens had their moment, it’s slowly being melded into something warmer. Instead of pure white on every surface, many kitchens are turning towards warmer hardware on cabinets, colorful backsplashes, brighter floor stains, and more color used in general.

In many kitchen looks, we're seeing this year, that means a more natural look, with brick, stone, and natural wood colors shining through as the main stars. Pair this with plant life, and you have a kitchen anyone would love to eat in.

6. Playing With Textures and Patterns

Some textures and patterns can bring a room to life. You don't want to have a kitchen full of intricately detailed tiles since that can be overwhelming: but instead consider texture in items like the backs and seats of your chairs, the art you have up, and even the towels and blankets you have hanging. Look for fabrics that have visible fibers since this will add visual interest to almost any room. If you want to play with texture on your walls, consider a white shiplap wall, which can add some fun styling to any space.
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7. Allowing Wood Stains to Look Like Natural Wood

Wood stain is a large part of home design that many people forget to update. Unfortunately, this can lead to kitchens that look eons out of date, and items throughout the home not quite matching, and instead making the space look like a second-hand sale with items from throughout the centuries.

The best way to fix this is to find a unifying stain or color. Your stain doesn’t have to be an exact match, but getting close in hue or shade can work wonders. To do this, strip the stain you currently have on items, sand it down, and re-stain with the best interior wood stain you can find. For most items, this can easily be done in an afternoon.
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Every Property Can Become a Dream in No Time

It’s a lot of work to remodel a property and make it your own: but don’t forget the need to follow loosely with trends. You don’t have to make your home look like the interior of a design magazine, but let these ideas inspire you!

Roger Marx is a freelance writer that loves sharing his knowledge and expertise on home improvement projects. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he enjoys spending time with his wife and working on backyard projects in his spare time. Roger’s work as a freelance writer can be found on Building Product Advisor, a new construction industry resource launching in Fall 2022.