Adding white accents to the interior always helps to arrange more visual space even if the room is small. But what about making white as a dominant color in the kitchen?

Here is a proof that is not only possible but also can make your cooking place very cozy and comfortable for the usage on a daily basis. First of all, the shade of the white color is crucial. Extremely white kitchen can be slightly difficult for the eyes, especially in a day time, but if you are choosing some creamy or milk tints it will not affect your comfort. It’s also better to mix such light colors with darker details while using neutral grey or even beige colors depending on your taste.
Another point is to find the best combination with the color of the floor. And that is why it’s easier to add some parts of the kitchen like table or any decorative elements of the same or similar to the floor color. In this case, whiteness will be considered more as a background, and that is how you can create an illusion of more spacious room.
Finally, materials themselves can help you a lot providing the best basis for keeping the whole kitchen in a good and original condition for a very long time. Eco-friendly materials with a proper handling will be a great solution.