Neutral colors, simple shapes, straight lines – all of this in combination with high-tech solutions makes this design a great example of the modern kitchens. Thanks to the mobile sun screens and white accents in the most important and massive parts of the kitchen you achieve the feeling of spacious area which is especially important if you want to create a comfortable atmosphere.
Small details, such as a “brick” decoration of the backside of the sink, silver handlers, minimalistic lamps (which therefore provide enough light even at the night time), square shape of the sink itself will help you to create a unique surrounding which can be easily adjusted in regard to your special preferences and wishes. Moreover, such an interior can be in harmony with almost every type of the house design in other rooms.
Another essential part of this model is the environment safety. One of the examples is the recycled tile which still looks attractive, easy in cleaning and thanks to a good quality of the materials will keep the same look for many years. And later on, you can easily replace it with a new option.