Classic is always a winning point for the designing of the house, especially if it’s adapted to the modern realities. This is a great example of how you can mix both of the tendencies in one breathtaking result.

The choice of colors is one of the most interesting and important parts. Combination of dark and light tints will help you to create a nice interior but it’s not only about black-and-white options. Dark green, for example, can be a great alternative, especially if to add marble surfaces with the same shade, like in this case.

Harmony can be achieved also by adding one more accent on the wooden parts for the chairs which is becoming a wonderful combination with golden handlers and lamps details. There is nothing more to add to this perfection unless you are willing to play with the colors even more. In this example, we add black-and-white painting on the wall to achieve maximum effect from the classic version of the kitchen design.
What concerns the furniture and kitchen equipment, nowadays it’s quite easy to find new technologies wrapped into traditional and even antique shapes (stove, sink, oven and many more professional kitchen equipment).