This model perfectly fits both huge space for the kitchen and very narrow and tiny spots. Horizontal localization will provide you with everything you might need for the cooking process without sacrificing extra inches.
Proper lightening in this case is crucial as the natural light can reach only the nearest to the window parts. Depending on the particular equipment, you can choose if to place the main light in the center or on the side.
The main idea of this project is to make even small kitchen as much convenient as possible, and such a small detail as absence of the handlers helps a lot. Moreover, in this case the design of the kitchen itself looks tidier and neater.
If there is no possibility to arrange a window nearby, the problem of the extra light can be solved by adding more white colors, especially on the empty surfaces like the back of the sink. And if you are planning to choose this type of the projects in minimalistic style you need to be ready include in your budget modern equipment otherwise the whole effect can be easily spoiled by massive stove.