Kitchen remodeling: how to start

It doesn’t matter if you have already experienced the process of the kitchen remodeling or you are planning to do it for the first time. Nowadays, with all the modern technologies and updated information you can do it pretty easy and with a proper result. There is no unique scheme you can follow in all the cases, but the basis can be considered as quite the same for the overwhelming majority of cases.

Here are the most important points you should consider before start.
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Planning and arrangements

On this stage we can mention two main mistakes many people are doing so you can avoid wasting of time and exceeding the budget:

- Materials in advance. Of course, to make remodeling of the kitchen, you will need many materials starting from the basic concrete and ending with the wallpapers, painting and others, depending on the original project you are considering. But according to the experience of many people, it’s better to purchase the materials during the remodeling and not in advance. All of us want to make sure they will get everything ready, but the main issue with the kitchen rebuilding is that you can change your mind or the original structure of the kitchen will not allow you to follow the plan. And if it happens, you will lose a lot of money which were spent on the materials and equipment you will not use at the end. If you want to do some pre-arrangements, it’s better to discuss with the supplier if there is a possibility to get the samples before the massive purchase;

- Cabinets in advance. One more common mistake is to create in your mind the picture of the ideal kitchen and to buy all the items in advance. Of course, in any situation you and your family will need microwave, oven, sink and many other types of the equipment but it’s always better to make sure they will fit the refreshed kitchen interior. More traditional and classic options are not that “dangerous” but as soon as you are willing to arrange somethings very unusual and trendy, it’s better to wait until the final decoration and design of the room. Otherwise, you might face the necessity to adjust the design of the kitchen to the equipment you already bought (and today it’s pretty unusual part of the deal). Even if the price of the pre-booking will look fine for you, the same time it can lead to the unnecessary items (which still can be useful and practical but need to be accompanied).

Algorithm of your actions

To make it easier, let’s consider step by step everything you might need to check before starting the process of the kitchen remodeling.

Reading. In most of the cases people are hiring a professional contractor to do all the job in regard to the rebuilding. But you as a house owner need to know at least some basic about the stages your kitchen is going through. It will help you not only understand how you can arrange some adjustments and changes you were dreaming about but also to make sure that you will get a fair price with an appropriate duration of the work and to avoid unnecessary delay and cheating companies. Nowadays, it’s very easy to find all the necessary information and details online, including various forums of the people who already experienced house rebuilding.

Calling. There is nothing bad in checking an appropriate cost of the kitchen remodeling within several contractors. That is the best way for you to understand the average price, to plan your budget and to make sure you don’t overpay for the service. Additionally, it’s recommended to check the price not for the whole job but regarding to its individual parts. For example, the cost of the dismantling of the doors and bulkheads, windows and walls, setting of the new windows and doors, plumbing works, electrician works, floor levelling and many others. And if you know that, for example, the cost of one stage of the works is extremely higher in one company in comparison with others and ask for the reason, there is a high possibility that you will get a better offer afterwards. Also, it’s a good chance to find out the most expensive part of the works and to be able to look for the options to make it more affordable.

Asking. As soon as you made the choice of the contractor, it’s time to ask more questions. You should never be afraid or confused to do so as, firstly, it will show that you are truly interested in the final result, and secondly, that you have an idea of what is going on therefore the rebuilding company will be more accurate with your house’s remodeling. Even small details are important and as soon as you have any doubts it’s always better to ask than to figure out later that the things went wrong.

Listing. It can seem unnecessary – to do the job of the professionals but making a list of all the materials you may need can help you to realize if there are any items you didn’t count and which can affect the final cost of the rebuilding of the kitchen. For example, a new fridge was definitely not discussed with the contractor but if you are planning to buy it, it can essentially affect the budget. Additionally, such a list will help you to avoid any hidden expenses which were not mentioned or discussed by the rebuilding company but obviously will take place during the rebuilding process.

Counting. Now it’s time to check on your own how much the materials can cost. Of course, it’s pretty challenging to evaluate the cost of the work, but at least you can check the prices in any specialized supermarket. Special attention you should pay to the most essential, basic materials as the decoration part can be adjusted according to how much money will leave after buying the necessary items.
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Having ideas of the main steps
So, you need to remodel your kitchen. What are the main steps you will need to go through to make it happen?

Here are the most common and basic ones, and most probably you will face at least most of them:

Dismantling. Depending on the current condition of your kitchen you may need just a small touch or a full dismantling of all the doors, windows and even walls. Here you need to consider at least two points – if you really need to change the whole room and if you ready to assign a significant part of your budget for this work. Moreover, not everyone is aware of one essential part of this process – garbage. You need to discuss in advance with the contractor if the garbage picking is included in the quote or you will need to arrange it extra.

Preparing. Before putting a new layer of the painting or creating new decoration in the room, you need to get rid of the old layer. This part of the job is not that attractive but still very important and will help you to avoid unnecessary changes and charges in the future.

New windows. Usually, it’s indeed a pretty long and complicated process, and on this stage you almost cannot avoid hiring the professionals to do this job. Many measurements, a lot of essential details and the complexity of the installation are making this part one of the biggest parts of the budget. Some people also think that it’s better to install the windows and the frames when the rebuilding already heading to the end, but in this case you are having a risk of damaging the surface of the walls next to the windows which will force you to start the process from the beginning. If you are really afraid of the condition of the windows while you are still doing the remodeling, it’s highly recommended not to take off the protection from the frames and windows. Of course, it doesn’t look nice but it will help you to avoid any potential scratches and dents.

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Electricity. Before starting this chapter of the remodeling of the kitchen, you need to have a clear understanding of the future furniture’s’ allocation. There is nothing worse than many unnecessary wires all around the place just because you decided to put the fridge on the opposite side of the room and didn’t think of the sockets. Too many sockets on the walls will also be not a good solution but you should consider to install at least one or two extra ones.

Plumbing. Again, it’s time to call the professional. You can just advise the most convenient places for you to have a sink, for example, but it’s always better to follow the recommendation of the specialist. Actually, the plumbing part of the kitchen remodeling is much more complicated than you may think as it includes many valves, taps, plugs and other parts you usually use in a daily life but never pay attention to.

Slopes. It’s time to make some “strong” basis for the future renewed kitchen. And slopes made of drywall is not the only part of such strengthen. On this stage you also will deal with dropped ceilings, boxes for electricity and many others – basically, everything which is made of the drywall. Here we can notice than in case such essential parts are done of other materials, you should better discuss it with the contractor on which stage to implement them into the remodeling process.

Cabinets. Now it’s time to use the rest of the budget for the kitchen remodeling by adding some new equipment. Of course, it’s difficult and pretty expensive to get everything new but even one or two modern items will make your life much easier. We would recommend you to consider the option of combination of various functions in one device – that is how you can easily safe more space while still keeping the same level of efficiency in your routine.

Millwork. Here we are talking not about Trim itself but mostly about covering the walls, floor and ceiling with the materials you want (or can). This is a combination of your personal taste, budget and the possibilities of your house itself. It’s not necessary to use the same materials you used before – modern technologies can provide you with a wide range of more convenient, less troublesome and more attractive and original options – you just need to be open for changes.

Now your kitchen is ready to be used. The last part is to arrange the main cleaning to make sure no dust or any garbage can affect the hygienic atmosphere of your house.