Top House Design Ideas for Your Project in Bothell

Need ideas for your house design project? There are various design ideas you want to try out for your new house redesign project. Undoubtedly, the designs used in a house contribute a lot to its value.

If you are planning on redesigning your home, here are some top design ideas you might want to draw inspiration from.
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Go Bold With the Colors

Color remains one of the top designs for any home. However, the world is taking a step away from plain white to a mixture of colors to enhance space and style. It is the season of out-of-the-ordinary color schemes, where designers mix rich cool tones, such as peacock or royal blue, as well as emerald green, to create a stunning contrast when combined with the quartzite and marble colors.

Update Bathroom Walls and Floors

Does your bathroom need remodeling? Add a beautiful twist to the design and layout of your bathroom. Change the flooring of your bathroom by going for a different tile size to achieve a new look. To achieve that timeless old look, choose tiles with combinations of white, gray, and black. Alternately, use bigger tiles with patterned accent tiles that have hints of metallic and iridescent glazes. Opt for a timeless design that will keep your space on trend for a very long time.
Show off Your Artwork With Style
Trendy house designs now let homeowners be creative with their style. Properly placing your artwork in spaces where it could be a focal point of your interior design is also a good design idea. You may choose to display a beautiful mid-century painting in your kitchen, or invest in specialty art pieces like vintage canvas.

While gallery walls are unique design ideas for home interiors, the extraordinary part that makes them stand out is the creative way of hanging them. In this case, you can choose to craft a picture rail or layer your painting collection.
Include Reeded Details
Looking for better home redesign ideas? Reeded details are a distinctive way to add life to your home's interior design. Homeowners are being artsy by giving a modern twist to textures for more aesthetic value. Reeded detailing of home equipment like bathroom cabinets and kitchen islands is another unique house design idea. Also, including reeded details to transform your house furnishings is quite easy, inexpensive, and fashionable. If you want to add visual interest to your home, consider adding reeded details to your furnishings, which will give it a sophisticated look.
Make a Statement with Light Fixtures
You should not settle for common designs in Bothell. Take your house designs to the next level by being a little extra with the light fixtures. It’s time to embrace modern design with multi-point lighting for your home improvements. Natural lights are wonderful, but you can choose to make a big statement by experimenting with your lighting fixtures.
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Creative Plaster Finishes
Plaster finishes are trendy designs you don’t want to miss out on because they add uniqueness to your house designs. Add a wow factor to your walls and ceilings by incorporating plaster finishes. Plaster finishes are extraordinary because they offer comfort and aesthetic value to every housing property. Polished plaster can be used for your fireplace, chandeliers, and side tables in your home.
Plaster finishes will be around for much longer because of their versatility, which makes them a design idea for every home.
Utilize Warm Wood Tones
Incorporating wood tones as part of your house design is never a bad idea, as they can be used in the bathroom and other areas. Warm wood is back in trend as they add coziness, richness, and an intimate atmosphere that makes a peaceful scene.

If you have an all-white bathroom but still want to keep it bright, cozy, and airy, warm wood tones are the perfect option. On a smaller scale, think of making a warm wood frame for a mirror that already exists but may use an upgrade, or replacing builder-grade metal drawer knobs with chic wooden ones.
Final Thoughts
Choosing a design that best suits your style is a major factor to consider for your house design project. Being innovative with your house design is essential because it says a lot about your home and your choices. Home interior design has evolved to include vibrant colors, sustainable materials and equipment, and nature-inspired textures.

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